Friday, October 31, 2014

And When It Rains, It Pours...

Hey, you know how things thing happens, another thing happens and then something else...all just before an important occasion.  

Well, the important occasion is NEXT WEEK.

The one thing that happened yesterday is the dogs all got sick - vomiting and diarrhea.  Then today, they're worse.  They all go to the Vet.  A Relapse of GI Tract infection he says - Clorsporidium Diarrhea.  Shots, pills, tests...Bill $190.  

Another thing, I got a thought (and I always know that they're from God) to check the pups dry dog food for something.  I found several mouse droppings...which to me means they could have gotten the bacterial infection from that food!  This time, hubby said I was imagining...that they couldn't get sick from that.  I said, oh yes they could.  Then he called the Vet...and a gal there said no...or so he said.  While I'm busy getting things ready for next week, I insisted he call back and ask the question I told him to ask the first time...Can our pups get sick eating dry dog food that has mouse droppings in it?  He did and a different person answered and she said, OH YES!  But, she wasn't certain if it would cause what they have and she said she'd find out and call us back.  She called back (as I was reading more about dogs eating mouse droppings in their food) and said, YES, it could cause the GI infection they had.  She also said that the VET was more concerned about the possibility of the dogs having something else caused by the urine of the mouse in the food leaving the droppings.  It's called Leptospiriosis, which isn't anything to mess around with.  So if the pups don't get better overnight and tomorrow...they have to be tested on Saturday morning before our weekend gets off to a rousing start.  She said test results take several days.  I read a smidge about the Lepto and I don't like what I saw...and I will not read it again.  

Then, after all that...I go to print something and the printer asks for paper in the tray.  There is paper in the tray.  I remove it and reinsert it.  Printer still asks for paper and keeps ding-donging.  I'm about to throw the printer through the window.  But first I try again...same thing.  I WANT PAPER. DING DONG.  So I'm relegated to FORCE FEEDING paper into the printer to print the last stuff I need for next week - 8 pages!  And after every stinking page...what happens?  The printer says I WANT PAPER, DING DONG.  I feel like I'm going crazy!!  And before everyone tells me to reboot my printer, I've already tried that.  I've both turned it off and turned it back on AND unplugged it and plugged it back in...neither method worked, but thanks for the thought!.

Can you tell I haven't lost my sense of humor?  It's the only thing keeping me sane right now.  That and the fact that I sent hubby on a find more food for the Pups.  He's also going to be the one to check it scoop by scoop for anything other than food in the bag.   

Please say a prayer that the Pups are OK...and don't have LEPTO?  Pray for me too, please!

UPDATE:  Since posting this on Thursday evening...Rosie and Angel are doing better.  Jasper still is having some problems, so we very well may have to have the Pups tested for Lepto tomorrow morning.  And...the printer is still NOT working.     

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Love Cooking...

and the basis of all good cooking, is a Great Recipe!  Some of you may have noticed the Photo above appears on my Side-Bar...and if you click it, you will be directed to my Page that has well over 100 Recipes now.  Yes, I've been busy entering Recipes into my ReciPage...and it's so simple.  Here are several photos of the yummy Recipes I have there...

Some are my very own Recipes, from magazines...some are from friends...and of course, Pinterest.  I try to give credit when I know or can figure out where the Recipe has come from...but that's not always easy.  So, if you see a Recipe that I have listed, and your name or blog name isn't on it, please, let me know.  I'll gladly see to it that your information is attached to it.

Now with much colder weather coming our's really nice to have all of these recipes so readily at my fingertips.  I hope you enjoy looking through them.

For the next week to 10 days, I will be without internet service.  But, after that, I will be back.  Take care and I will see you then!  And THEN will be NOVEMBER!  My this year has flown!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pantone's 2015 Home Color Scheme

When I saw all these collections for 2015, I thought how colorful...and flowery...and that putting them together in this fashion was quite a good thing.  {It reminded me of ChipIt!}

 For most consumers today, color and style coordination in home interiors is a consistent goal, but the old rigid color rules have been replaced by more creative guidelines and options. Lifestyle patterns and tastes are consistently evolving and so are the resulting forecasts that are spawning new harmonies in both color and design. 

Abstractions releases the inner artist in each of us. Just as in the formulation of abstract art, styling might seem randomly gathered, forming a mosaic of differing shapes, many of them geometric. Colors like grape and apricot, dahlia red, stonewashed blue, hazel nut brown and vineyard green seem to come from equally disparate places, but when brought together create an artistic whole.

 Botanicum is a palette lifted directly from the complexities of flora and foliage, forming intriguing groupings filled with succulent shadings of green and grape, and café au lait, most often counter-balanced with dusty or smoky tones of blue and orchid. When used together, a sophisticated, yet inherently natural palette emerges.

Past Traces honors history in the home as, for many of us, holding on to some vestige of the past is deeply satisfying and reassuring. The look might range from gently worn to contemporized adaptations, still many of the colors with names like Pastel Parchment, Cameo Green, Faded Denim and Dusty Cedar capture a vintage feel.

The literal meaning of Serendipity is “a pleasant surprise” or “a happy accident.” In the parlance of styling, it is the coming together of unlikely designs and unexpected colors. An outgoing orange engages cool eggshell blue, bright chartreuse is enhanced by a yellow gold and hot pink embraces a lofty scarlet, all under the watchful gaze of a Tiger’s Eye taupe.

Irrepressible fun is what this palette called Spontaneity delivers. Just as the name implies, it is the stuff that spur of the moment, impulse buying is all about, with whimsical design and a unique “mash-up” of color mixtures a large part of the attraction. Happy hues of Sunkist Coral, Marigold and delicious Cantaloupe are complemented by the exuberance of Kelly Green and/or “quieted down” with floral accents of Hyacinth, Violet Quartz, Winsome Orchid or Misty Jade.

As high fashion is often a forerunner to styling for home furnishings in line, design, texture and color, the taste-making palette called Style-Setting is all about poise, finesse and polish. The elegance of the purple family adds a dramatic interplay against the classic mahoganies, off-whites, grays and taupes, along with subtly shimmering Frosted Almond and Champagne Beige.

Tinted Medley is truly a harmonious composition of closely related, deliciously warm tones with peach and pink striking the main chord. Bellini, Apricot Wash, Peach Amber and Macadamia are compatible blends while powdered roses and yellows underscore and support the perfect pitch of an ethereal rosy-taupe.

An Urban Jungle transforms rustic chaos into something “civilized” and sylvan, speaking more of big city living than that of a wild terrain. Rather than consistently rough textured, contours are smoother and colors a combination of both typical and atypical jungle hues. Warm animal skin tones are set against the modernity of deep blue-greens, a vibrant greenish yellow, plus black and white.

The palette titled Zensations truly engages and heightens the senses as it displays a literal “enlightenment” by taking the thoughtful, meditative qualities of the blue and blue-green family to another more visceral level by adding to the palette a compelling red, an atmospheric green as well as sparkling silver and gold.

Because of the colors in the Botanicum Scheme, I would probably pick that...but tone things down a little.  I don't like bright and vibrant.

If you had to pick a color scheme from this selection, which color scheme would you select?

All colors referenced above are included in the PANTONE FASHION + HOME color system, a component of the PANTONE Textile Color System®. Consult current PANTONE Color Publications for accurate color. PANTONE® and other Pantone LLC. trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC © Pantone, LLC, 2013. All rights reserved.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's Saturday and I ♥ Shopping!

I've been doing some shopping as you will see.  A while ago, I started searching for some pretty tags for our 3 Pups.  I looked for a while and finally found just the right ones.  They are stamped "washers" in Brass and Stainless Steel and even come with a charm of your choice.

Since the brass is heavy and my pups are small, I opted to do washers of 1 1/8" in Stainless Steel and 7/8" in Brass.  The Stainless Steel Washer says I'm Lost...Call 734-123-4567, while the top washer has a Pup's name.  Each set of tags comes with the rings to attach to a collar.

Jasper got the PUPPY Charm I fell in love with!

Rosie of course, got a Rose.

And Angel, being the angel of a Pup that she is, got an Angel charm.

Our Pups wear a Harness whenever we take them out and since there is really no way to secure tags to a harness, I decided they needed a special collar.  And it had to be a collar that would not allow you attach a leash...because if it did...hubby just might be tempted to hook up a leash and skip the harness to take them outside when we're away from home.  LOL!!!

Angel - Rosie - Jasper

The following collars are some of the MOST beautiful and Bling-y collars...just perfect for 3 small Pups - none of the Pups weighs over 14#.  Notice these have a ring already attached for the tags.  The buckle is very nice, too and has a ring to keep the end of the collar down.

And here are the collars I selected.  The "girls" got Gold with Clear and AB Crystals.  And Jasper, our "boy" got Silver with Clear Crystals.  These collars are made in the USA...and the holes are reinforced with grommets.  These are just the most beautiful collars and they didn't cost me an arm and a leg either...they're very reasonable.

 Here are their collars with their tags attached.  These look wonderful with any and all of their harnesses.

Here are a few other tags available from themadstampers, who have an Etsy Shop.

Here are a few other Collars from genie4petsblingcollars, who is on eBay.

I can see myself getting some animal print collars!! 

Besides the beautiful Collars and Custom-Designed Dog Tags...these 2 Sellers - Jeanne from Genie4petsBlingCollars and Cindy and Rodney from themadstampers were the best.  They both went the extra mile to make sure I got what I wanted while being pleasant and helpful!  I love that!

So, if you have a pet, even a tiny dog...Jeanne has the Collars and for the beautiful Tags, custom-designed for your Pet, Cindy and Rodney has those too!  Please stop by and let them know that I told you about them.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Stress and Sinus Connection and Flu Season

Stressful Life, Stressful Sinuses
Emotional stress is probably the single most important factor in determining whether you will experience chronic sinus problems, sinus infections or sinusitis. Why you might ask?  Stress lowers our body’s immune response, or can make our immune system hyperactive (so that it over-reacts to environmental or internal stimulus). Consequently, we have a weakened defense against pathogens and infections.

Do you ever wonder why you are more prone to congested sinuses or a sinus headache when you are under stress? Stress, especially in women, can lower our breathing rate or cause us to hold our breath; when our breathing rate lowers, our oxygen saturation falls and can cause sinus congestion. Many times we wonder why when two people are exposed to a cold or flu, one person gets sick and the other doesn’t. One of the underlying reasons can be that the person who is unable to fight off the cold is under more stress and their immune system is compromised.

Recent discoveries in mind-body medicine have found a wealth of information on the impact of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and stress on our immune system and overall health. Since stress is a component of life, how do you relieve stress and bolster your immune system?

We would like to offer some holistic tips for managing stress in your life, so you have the ability to be more balanced, grounded and vital:

·  Be mindful of your breathing when you are under stress—make a mental note to breathe deeply and slowly especially when under stress.

·  If you have a tough time regulating your breathing while under stress, try a game such as Wild Divine, a biofeedback game to help positively enforce deep, relaxed and gentle breathing.
·  Remember to take care of yourself first (this is a big one for women, who tend to care for others first), and realize that by taking care of ourselves we set a good example to our families and coworkers. The bonus, we also have more to give when we nurture ourselves first.

·  Make a list of all the activities that make you happy and make sure that you participate in at least one of these a day.

·  Meditation is proven to lower stress levels and improve your immune system—which helps your sinuses stay healthy. 15 minutes a day of slow breathing can make all the difference in the world to your well-being.

·  Hot tubs, foot soaks, massage; finish the list yourself of activities that relax you and de-stress your life.

·  A gratitude list is a wonderful way to focus your mind on the positive in life and help your immune system at the same time. Remember what we focus on increases in our life.
·  Daily neti pot use helps keep your sinuses in good health and aids your body in flushing toxins from your sinus cavities.

·  When you have been under stress remember to use your Sinus Rejuvenation Oil regularly to help support your body’s healthy sinus function.

·  Walking and exercise help to release endorphinssunset in your body, which in turn bolsters your immune system. Exercise tends to lower your stress response and keeps your body healthy at the same time.

·  Deep breathing or exercise helps increase the oxygen in your body which can help support a healthily metabolism.

Check out the Baraka education section for more hints on using your neti pot, infused salt and sinus oil to help maintain your sinus health.  

What helps you when stress increases in your life—how do you de-stress?

Using holistic natural remedies is good for the planet and good for you.

***I've learned through having sinus problems and allergies...and then Bell's Palsy with a collapsed nostril, just how important it is to consistently use my Neti-Pot.  It only takes about 3-5 minutes twice daily.  I use Distilled water only...heated for about 30 seconds in my microwave.  {Not too hot, not too cold}  Then I add the Sea Salt {never use sea salt or anything that has additives in it} and 2 drops each of Young Living Essential Oils in Lavender and Melrose.  Stir and use in my Neti Pot.  Then I blow my nose gently. That's it!  And it's easy...and so beneficial.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rug Pad for an Area Rug

Exactly one month ago, I received an email from a co-founder of RugPadUSA, asking if I'd be interested in doing a review of a Rug Pad for them.  After checking it out, to make sure this was the "real deal" - you can never be too careful these days - I agreed.  They're located outside of the Greater New York area and specialize in manufacturing higher end, eco-friendly rug pads that are made in the USA and have been in business a couple of years. 

It didn't take me long to figure out what rug I'd get the pad for - or what kind of rug pad I would need.  As an Interior Designer, I've known the value of a good rug pad for Area Rugs and Carpeting.  A good rug pad will give you many, many years of use from a beautiful rug or carpeting.

I purchased the rug that is in our Great Room a while ago - this is the first photo of it that you've seen.  I also purchased a good rug pad...however, it wasn't available to be sized to fit my rug, unless I wanted to cut through it myself and order a much larger pad.

So, when I saw the rug pad for use on carpeting for my area rug was available cut-to-size, I was hooked!  It was also available in 2 heights - 1/4" and 3/8".  {My former rug pad was 1/4"}  This time, the new pad would not only be cut-to-fit but also be 3/8" thick.

My Rug is 7'10" x 10'10" and fills the center of our Great Room.  I love the black center and border, and of course I love all of the roses and flowers.

The photo above shows the side that faces down on the carpeting...and the photo below shows the side that faces up - where the Area Rug sits.

It can be flipped around, if your Area Rug were on an uncarpeted floor.

It arrived {all 30# of it} very quickly - I sent my order to the co-founder on the 27th of September and the Rug Pad arrived on October 3rd.

With everything going on around here, it took me some time to get hubby to help move furniture and roll up the rug, put down the pad and unroll the rug and move furniture back...but it finally got done.

This is the Rug Pad I got from RugPadUSA...

Now the review...

You should already be able to tell, I was impressed by the personal contact of the co-founder through my blog, offering me a Rug Pad if I would do a Review.

There was no odor with this Rug Pad - it's an eco-friendly rug pad, so I would imagine that has everything to do with it.  No toxicity and because of the construction, it will not break down nor damage floors or carpeting, like some pads do.

And I am very impressed with the quality of the Rug Pad.  I'm so pleased that I could order it cut to fit...and I no longer have edges on the end of the rug that aren't on a rug pad at all.  There is just 1.5" all the way around the rug that is not on the pad...and I love that.  The rug pad even makes my rug feel so much more expensive.  The old rug pad wasn't a cheap pad...but I could feel lumpy bumps in the pad when I walked across the rug.  I don't have that problem with this Rug Pad.  I am also glad that I got the 3/8" thick pad.  Even though my carpeting is newer and thick, the pad is not overly thick.  

NOTE:  If you happen to have a Rocking Recliner by LaZBoy...with the round wooden base like I do, you may need to rearrange your room a bit, to not have the recliner sitting near the edge of the rug.  Sitting the chair near the edge of the rug allows the recliner to swivel by itself, sometimes swinging you around in the chair, even when you want to sit still.  It just so happens that where I want to sit in my chair there is not alot of room to either have the swivel base entirely on the area rug...nor totally off the area rug and since the base isn't level, it spins.  I solved the problem in one room with the same situation,  I just have to do it in the Great Room too. All I did in the other room, was put another piece of carpeting on top of the existing carpeting, bringing it to the level of the rug/rug pad! {My old rug pad did the same thing though}

I have 3 other Area Rugs and plan to purchase new Rug Pads sometime next year...and you can bet I will be getting this brand of pad for those rugs!

Thank you!!

Just to make it clear, even though I received this Rug Pad in lieu of a Review, the review is truthful and totally how I feel about this product.

So glad you stopped in today!  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Update on Jasper...

Well...Jasper is home!  He came home lastnight. 

{Lastnight Jasper, our 6 year old, 8# Maltese, was unable to put weight
on his left front leg. He went to the ER Vet.}

Hubby said when he got to the ER...Jasper jumped up and was excited about where they were. He took Jasper inside...and the technician took a look at him and asked Tom to set him down so she could see what Jasper would do and Jasper started walking. Tom spent a little time there with JasperI and he barely skipped a beat walking around and prancing like only Jasper does. 

I had held Jasper for some time before sending him off to the ER and while I did, I prayed for him, used healing touch (Reiki) on him and then did about a 30 minute BioMat treatment before they left. 

He's still grumpy this morning and really NOT interested in walking, but once he gets started, he almost walks I'm not sure what he did. We'll keep an eye on him...and keep praying. Thanks for all the prayers.