Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mommy's Busy...But I'm Here

Hi...I'm Angel and I've been with my Mommy and Daddy and my Fur Brother Jasper and Fur Sister Rosie for 2 1/2 weeks now.  It's been Heaven!  All of them came to Indiana, where I'm from...and picked me from all of the Pups they looked at and they looked at quite a few.  I love it here!

Mommy took this picture of me, while I was laying in my bed, looking at her at her desk.  My hair is all messed up, cuz I was playing with all of my new toys!  LOL!!

I found out that my mommy loves to give belly rubs and she sure does them well.  I get fed really well here too...and I am even able to get to the food and water bowls when my brother and sister are there.  I just nudge them out of the way!

This is how I looked when I was still at the my home in Indiana.  I was alot younger here.  I think I was about 3 or 4 months old.  See my long eyelashes?  All I have to do is bat them and I get whatever I want!!

Mommy gave me a bath yesterday and then she groomed me.  My hair used to drop into my face all the time and now it doesn't...well, not as much.  Mommy did a really good job and I didn't mind it one bit.  I loved the warm water in the sink...and I didn't even mind the buzz of the clippers...or the clip-clip of the scissors.  The sound was really relaxing.  And mommy had music playing on her computer, just a couple of feet away.

Here are a couple more photos of me...

I'm lounging on my Leopard print Bed.  Did I tell you that I'm a Tri-Color Havanese and that I'm 6 months old now?  I'm champagne colored, with Apricot and Brownish-Black colors.

My left leg has a bald spot on it that you can see - it's from where I had my IV when I was in the Hospital ER a couple of weeks ago.  I'm all better from that experience and I've gained back the pound I lost then and I've also gained another pound!  So, now I'm 7# 8oz.  I'm as big as Jasper who is also 7# 8oz...and exactly 3 pounds less than Rosie!

Mommy didn't touch my eyelashes...but you can't see them very well here, because my hair turned out so soft and fluffy.  I feel like a Princess.

Well, the main reason I'm writing today is to ask if you'd say a prayer for my mommy...and me.  In just a little while I will be going to the Vet's Hospital to be spayed.  With the problems I had with my Rabies Vaccine and having to be rushed to the ER and then spending the night there...and only a few weeks before that, my big fur brother, Benny was rushed to that same ER and later died there, mommy is a bit on the nervous side about me having surgery.  I love my mommy and I want her to feel at peace while I'm gone.  I know she'll be so happy when I come back home later today.  I can't wait for the surgery to be over, so I can lay on mommy's lap on my special fleece blanket.  Mommy takes such good care of me...I love her.  I love daddy too...and Jasper and Rosie.

Oops...Mommy's on her way into the office, so bye bye for now.

Thanks!  :)


  1. She is just beautiful, and know she will do fine getting spayed. She has sucha sweet face!

  2. Hi Angel, You sure look pretty!! Your mommy sure did a great job of grooming you. Love your hair cut around your face too. What pretty fur coloring you have and take such a wonderful picture. I know your mommy is nervous about your surgery but you are older, stronger, weigh more and I think you will do just fine. A few weeks makes a big difference. I know you love your new home and so happy there. You have the best mommy and family in the world and it is a blessing to be in your new home and the love you receive. Sending you big puppy wishes for your surgery and give your mommy a puppy hug from me. Loved your post Angel.



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